Are you aching to have your mind stolen, retooled, and sold back to you at a stiff markup?  Then you've come to the right place!

The Ministry of Unknown Science (aka MOUS) announces an all new, scientifically-calibrated comedy spectacular to take place at their original-recipe secret laboratory in downtown Los Angeles. 

In this, the fourth full installment of the MOUS saga, the Ministry’s four mad geniuses fire Lopez, their invisible lab assistant.  Fearing retaliation, Professor T – Minister of Rage – deploys twisted science to render himself impervious to attack… and becomes a power-mad half-leprechaun intent on ruling the world!

Due to an unexpected proliferation of science, this show has been expanded to fill an entire hour with gut-wrenching laughs!

Where's the show?  Well, the MOUS lab’s location is top-secret and highly classified – directions will be provided to you ONLY with your REQUIRED reservation.


PERFORMANCE DATES: Fri. and Sat.  --  June 4th - 26th. 

SHOWTIME:  8:30pm sharp for all shows EXCEPT June 26th, which is a MIDNIGHT show. 12 a.m people. Be prepared.

PRICE:  $15 earth dollars.

The location of the lab will be emailed upon reservation confirmation.

For this experiment, MOUS welcomes back LA's infamous Brass Brand, Critical Brass, who will open and close the show with Brass Infused Vigor.

Rugged footwear recommended.  Safety goggles provided.  No pets.

Intrigued?  Puzzled?  Outraged?  Excellent!  Email the Ministry at:  ministry@mac.com